From Microanalysis to Macroperspective of China’s Foreign Aid: Madagascar’s General Hospital Project

  • Xian Liu


In order to alleviate the shortage of medical facilities in Madagascar, an island country in the Indian Ocean, and to implement the eight measures announced at the 2006 Forum on China–Africa Cooperation, the Chinese Government decided to construct a General Hospital for Madagascar. During the preparation of the project, the Chinese side coordinated actively with Madagascar to overcome a series of twists and turns, and to promote the project, which formally began in July 2013. After 13 months of construction, the hospital was handed over to Madagascar in September 2014. One of hundreds of Chinese foreign aid projects, Madagascar’s General Hospital demonstrates China’s foreign aid philosophy and practices. For instance, China’s aid pays attention to health care and other areas that can contribute to improving people’s livelihoods, and adheres to the principle of “no conditions attached.” In practice, the project’s management reflects Chinese speed and quality; and turnkey assistance, which is different from the Western approach, shows remarkable results. In addition, China establishes technical cooperation and technical training for infrastructure projects to ensure sustainable operation of projects. Since June 2015, when the hospital officially began to operate, it has become a model of Sino–Malagasy cooperation. Its beneficial political and social effects are seen in both friendly, cooperative relations between the two countries, and assistance to the local population. It has been praised by local government, the public in Madagascar, international organizations, and Western countries.

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