Line Stability Indices and Contingency Screening by Sensitivity Factors Based Static Voltage Stability Study

  • Rinkesh A. JainEmail author
  • Darshan B. Rathod
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Due to ever increasing load demand, currently, power system has become stressful in context with reactive power management and voltage control which may in turn lead to voltage instability problems in electrical power system. If the voltage stability is not evaluated and the problems occurred are not attended timely, sequential outages of components of power system may occur and this may lead to voltage collapse or blackout. Therefore, detect voltage collapse point, voltage stability is needed. Several voltage stability indices have been suggested in the literature to assess static and dynamic voltage stability of power system based on power flow through transmission line. In the present work, three voltage stability indices, i.e., Line Stability Index \( ( {\text{L}}_{mn} ) \), Fast Voltage Stability Index (FVSI), and Voltage Collapse Proximity Index (VCPI) have been used to detect voltage stability status. Contingency screening has been carried out using Linear Sensitivity Factors (LSFs) based on Z-bus. Voltage stability indices and contingency screening results have been obtained on IEEE 14-bus test system.


Linear Sensitivity Factors (LSFs) Voltage stability indices Z-bus method 



Voltage collapse proximity index

\( {\text{L}}_{mn} \)

Line stability index


Line outage distribution factor

\( \uptheta \)

Impedance angle

\( {varphi } \)

Power factor angle


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