JST CREST Post-petascale Software Project Bridging to Exascale Computing

  • Mitsuhisa SatoEmail author


JST CREST post-petascale software project aimed to establish software technologies to explore extreme performance computing beyond petascale computing, on the road to exascale computing. Several research and development has been conducted for system software enabling us to exploit maximum efficiency and reliability from high-performance computing systems composed of general-purpose many-core processors as well as accelerators including GPGPU from the second half of the 2010s to 2020s. The research topics cover from system software such as programming languages, compilers, runtime systems, operating systems, communication middleware, and file systems to application development support software and ultra-large data processing software. As well as conventional technologies for large-scale numerical computation, the project was also able to address the storage technology required for big data processing, the complexity of memory hierarchy, and the power problem. Exploration for the direction of future high-performance computing is also an urgent and significant agenda in our research area. This chapter presents the outline of JST CREST post-petascale software project with brief description of the research topics, followed by summary of results and achievements.


High-performance computing Parallel computing Post-petascale systems Exascale computing 

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