Vedic Geometry

  • P. P. Divakaran
Part of the Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences book series (SHMP)


It may come as a surprise that I am going to invert the historical order and take up Vedic geometry before turning to the geometrical knowledge and culture of the Indus Valley people. The reason why this is the practical thing to do is in the nature of the sources. The state of geometric knowledge during the Vedic times is documented and authenticated by the Śulbasūtra, even if they provide little justification for the constructions, or substantiation for the statements made. A portrait of the mathematical culture of the Harappans has, in contrast, to be reconstructed from the indirect evidence of artefacts and will therefore remain more or less conjectural. Every bit of help we can get to make the picture a little clearer is to be welcomed; and looking at Harappa through the lens of the geometry of the Vedic texts does clarify some points and perhaps even hints at possible continuities.


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