Investigation of Surface Damages in Hole Making on Luffa/Jute/Glass Reinforced Plastics

  • R. VinayagamoorthyEmail author
  • Ankur Sharma
  • Vignesh Iyer
  • G. Navneeth
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This research has been performed to investigate the surface damages induced during the drilling process on hybrid plastic composite. Plastic composite has been manufactured by adding three reinforcements, namely luffa fruit fiber, jute mat, and glass mat in polyester matrix. A set of holes are made at different points by altering the operating parameters. Central composite design methodology has been used for designing the experiment, for analysing the data, and for optimizing the output parameters. The operating factors considered are spindle revolution rate, tool traverse rate, and tool point angle. The surface damage of each hole in its profile and on its inner walls is noted as the output parameters. A thorough investigation on the effect of each operating factors on the output responses has been done. A desirability-based optimum condition has been taken by setting the goals as minimizing the output responses and repetitive confirmatory runs are made. Comparison between the optimum situation and confirmatory experiments showed very minimal difference. Hence, the optimization is highly consummate for the hybrid composite.


Plastic drilling Damage factor Wall roughness Optimization Hybrid composite 


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  • Ankur Sharma
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  • Vignesh Iyer
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  • G. Navneeth
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