A Sensitization Studies on the Metallurgical and Corrosion Behavior of AISI 304 SS Welds

  • M. KumarEmail author
  • A. Sharma
  • A. S. Shahi
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Experimental investigation is performed to study the effect of sensitization on metallurgical and corrosion behavior of thermally aged 10 mm thick AISI 304 SS butt joints fabricated by gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process. The welded joint was subjected to different post-weld thermal aging (PWTA) treatments for studying the impact of carbide precipitation on its corrosion and metallurgical properties. Microstructural studies show that the weld metal exhibits largely skeletal morphology of δ-ferrite. The welded joint when subjected to different PWTA treatments showed precipitation of carbides which occurred interdendritically along the δγ interface in its weld metal, whereas precipitation occurred intergranularly in its heat-affected zone (HAZ). DLEPR studies of the weldments show that the PWTA of joints led to relatively higher DOS as compared to as-welded condition. It was further concluded that DOS values were higher in HAZ region as compared to welded joints of the weld specimen.


AISI 304 SS GTAW Sensitization PWTA Butt joints DOS Corrosion behavior 


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