Tongue Recognition and Detection

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  • Divya Meena
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In today’s era, most of the data are converted into digital form and stored on cloud, and security of data is the main concern as more effort is put forth by researchers to increase security. High security will be provided by high authenticity of a person, only endorsed person. To achieve high authenticity, authentication of an individual can be performed using biometrics which uses the unique organ of a person like iris, fingerprint, DNA, speech recognition, tongue. Biometric of an individual itself justifies the presence of authenticated person. In authentication of a person, tongue can also be used because it is a unique organ of a person, which provides unique identity to a person. In this type of authentication, system accuracy is the main concern. In this paper, we will discuss about the different techniques, which are implemented for the authentication of somebody using tongue images.


SIFT Tongue recognition ROI of image Gabor filter 


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