A Novel LtR and RtL Framework for Subset Feature Selection (Reduction) for Improving the Classification Accuracy

  • Sai Prasad PotharajuEmail author
  • M. Sreedevi
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 713)


Preprocessing is one of the data mining steps after data collection. There are several issues need to be addressed in preprocessing stage of data mining. One among them is feature selection (FS) or feature reduction (FR). There are several approaches available for handling issues of FS and FR. Those methods are categorized as filter, wrapper, and embedded modes. In this research, we introduce a novel filter-based feature selection framework called LtR (left to right) and RtL (right to left) based on symmetrical uncertainty (SU). Our method generates K-subset of features such that each subset has the finite number of unique features in it. Each subset is analyzed using various classifiers (Jrip, OneR, Ridor, J48, SimpleCart, Naive Bayes, IBk) and compared with the existing filter-based FS methods: information gain (IG), ReliefF (Rel), chi-squared attribute evaluator (Chi), and gain ratio attribute evaluator (GR). Experimental analysis revealed that minimum one of the subsets performs better than some of the existing methods.


Data mining Preprocessing Feature selection Filter Symmetrical uncertainty 


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