Design and Development of Maternity Pillow: An Ergonomic Approach

  • Klea Charmaine QuinteroEmail author
  • Viah Mae Condez
  • Siena Marie Plaza
  • Mark Joseph Bedolido
  • Philip Ermita
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In today’s generation, there are a lot of new inventions and innovations of the existing products with the use of technology and soon it will be all automated. Different studies were conducted in order to identify things that hold back one thing to explore. With this, customization of different products was important to address all the pains and discomforts and for them to be more productive in life. In different variances of pillows, maternity pillow is one thing the people need to focus on. Pillows can further eliminate the pains and discomforts. Musculoskeletal is the primary discomforts of pregnant women while sleeping. This paper aimed to identify the pains and discomforts with respect to factors such as the age, periods of pregnancy and number of birth of pregnant women. Pearson’s Correlation, Quadruple Visual Analogue Scale (QVAS) and weighted mean were used in making the design and development of the maternity pillow.


Pregnant Discomforts Maternity pillow Quadruple Visual Analogue Scale 


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  • Klea Charmaine Quintero
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    Email author
  • Viah Mae Condez
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  • Siena Marie Plaza
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  • Mark Joseph Bedolido
    • 1
  • Philip Ermita
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  1. 1.Department of Industrial EngineeringUniversity of Perpetual Help System DALTA CalambaCalambaPhilippines

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