Water Resource Center Digital Tour and Pre-test and Post-test Systems

  • Tzu-Chuen LuEmail author
  • Ting-Chi Chang
  • Jau-Ji Shen
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This study develops a digital navigation system for the Water Resources Center to introduce the process and knowledge of sewage treatment to the general public. The system can be divided into three main parts, interactive multimedia games, pre and post online tests and 3D guided video. The system also combined with the official LINE account that allows visitors to receive timely results from the pre-test and post-test systems to learn about the sewage treatment-related knowledge. The score competition makes the game funnier that can enhance the entertaining results. The system also provides a completed management interface that assists the factory managers to maintain the entire system, including test questions pre-test and post-test, answer analysis, questionnaire feedback satisfaction analysis. According to the results of the rewinding analysis, the system indeed can promote the sewage treatment knowledge to the visitors. Most of the visitors feel the system is interesting and useful.


Digital navigation system Pre-test Post-test Water resource center 


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