A Review on ECG-Based Biometric Authentication Systems

  • Mohamad O. DiabEmail author
  • Alaa Seif
  • Maher Sabbah
  • Mohamad El-Abed
  • Nijez Aloulou
Part of the Series in BioEngineering book series (SERBIOENG)


The objectives of this chapter is three-folds: First, it presents an overview of the existing ECG benchmarks used for designing ECG-based authentication systems. Second, it presents the literatures of authentication systems that used fiducial and non-fiducial features. Third, it presents a methodology that uses both fiducial and non-fiducial features and several data mining classification techniques for individuals’ authentication. Moreover this chapter investigates the pertinent features using a large database of healthy and unhealthy subjects with different heart diseases.


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