OFDM Based Real Time Digital Video Transmission on SDR

  • Rupali B. PatilEmail author
  • K. D. Kulat
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 748)


Cognitive radio (CR) is an emergent approach used to address the upcoming spectrum crunch by increasing the spectrum efficiency by resourceful use of the existing licensed band. Also, data traffic in air has increased beyond limits. So, this ultimately increases the demand for accommodation of high data rate by the user. Transmitting multimedia demands high data rate and spectral efficiency. OFDM is a multi-carrier modulation technique which proves effective in CR. The results generated in this paper are taken from the experimentation performed on SDR-Lab using OFDM technique with the flow graphs designed in GNU Radio for real-time transmission of video. The focus of this paper is on the transmission of real-time video signal captured by webcam using OFDM modulation and simulation results generated with GNU radio along with software-defined radio (SDR). The main goal here is to provide effective solution to difficulties arising from transmission of video in CR environment and finding the best-suited modulation technique.


OFDM Software-defined radio GNU radio Cognitive radio 


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