An Extensible PNT Simulation Verification Platform Based on Deep Learning Algorithm

  • Shuangna ZhangEmail author
  • Li Tian
  • Fuzhan Yue
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 849)


In this paper, a simulation platform for multi-source PNT (Positioning, Navigation and timing) means is designed. The platform, which adopts a distributed simulation architecture to transmit data through the network, provides a test environment for multi-source PNT users and performs performance evaluation. Through in-depth learning of the output data of various PNT tools collected by different types of users in different scenarios, the platform can achieve parameter settings of multi-source PNT based on user characteristics. Seen from the test results can give the simulation platform, weight value will affect the comprehensive results, deep learning can make the weight value distribution is more close to the human judgment through a large amount of data to judge the artificial experience, so as to realize the autonomous PNT multi-source fusion.


PNT Simulation platform Deep learning algorithm Distributed architecture 



Our thanks to Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission for supporting us to develop the platform.


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