Developing Indonesian Highway Capacity Manual Based on Microsimulation Model (A Case of Urban Roads)

  • Ahmad MunawarEmail author
  • Muhammad Zudhy Irawan
  • Andrean Gita Fitrada
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Recently, the 1997 Indonesian Highway Capacity Manual is commonly used to analyze the performance of road and intersection. However, since the motorized vehicle grows rapidly and significant change of driver behavior, several parameters must be validated so that the calculation result could represent the actual condition. This paper aims to improve the Indonesian HCM formula especially in regards to the value of free flow speed and initial capacity. To support our research, traffic surveys have been carried out on various urban roads in some Indonesian cities for four lane roads with divider. The flows then have been simulated by using VISSIM software (VerkehrInStädten—Simulations Modell). The measured speeds and headways have been compared to the simulation results. The Wiedemann parameters in VISSIM have been calibrated such that there is no significant difference between the measured speeds and headways and the simulation results. After calibration, the flow-speed relationships have been compared to Indonesian HCM formula, by simulating various traffic flows. Our results show that the values of free flow speed need to be verified become 37 and 40 kph for car and motorcycle respectively, while the basic capacity becomes 1750 pcu/h/lane.


Flow Headway Simulation Speed Traffic Vissim 


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