Homogenization of Electromagnetic Fields Propagation in a Composite

  • Helene CanotEmail author
  • Emmanuel Frenod
Conference paper


In this paper we study the two-scale behavior of the electromagnetic field in 3D in a composite material. It is the continuation of the paper (Canot and Frenod Method of homogenization for the study of the propagation of electromagnetic waves in a composite 2017) [7] in which we obtain existence and uniqueness results for the problem, we performed an estimate that allows us to approach homogenization. Techniques of asymptotic expansion and two-scale convergence are used to obtain the homogenized problem. We justify the two-scale expansion numerically in the second part of the paper.


Asymptotic Expansion Electromagnetism Finite element Harmonic Maxwell Equations Homogenization Simulations Two-scale Convergence 


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  1. 1.Helene Canot and Emmanuel Frenod are in the Department of Mathematics of University of Bretagne Sud (LMBA)Centre Yves Coppens, Bat. B, 1er et.VannesFrance

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