Multifunctional Three-Dimensional Porous Metal Micro/Nanocages by Ethanol-Assisted Femtosecond Laser Irradiation

  • Guoqiang Li
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Metallic micro/nanostructures with controllable 2D-3D geometries have been attracting great attention due to their many promising applications ranging from plasmonics (Pile in Nat Photonics 7:3, 2013, [1], O’Brien et al. in Nat Commun 5:4042, 2014, [2]), electronics, (Piglosiewicz et al. in Nat Photonics 8:37–42, 2014, [3]) and bioscience (Shoji et al. in J Am Chem Soc 135:6643–6648, 2013, [4]) to chemistry (Linic et al. in Nat Mater 10, 2011, [5], Valsecchi and Brolo in Langmuir 29:5638–5649, 2013, [6]).


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