Pentabasic Thermoelectricity System Prepared by Powder Metallurgy Method and the Performance Thermoelectric Generator Modules

  • Ye Guo
  • Jiangduo Wang
  • Yuanfa Deng
  • Chulan Lu
  • Yiping Luo
  • Bin Lin
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Energy book series (SPE)


With the technological development and awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, how to take advantage of waste heat has been concerned global. However, effective methods to recycle low temperature waste heat which is lower than 200 °C are still lacked. A kind of pentabasic thermoelectricity system which is prepared by smelting and powder metallurgy method is described in this paper. Thermoelectric generator (TEG) modules with different area and height ratio (A/H) p-n couples are assembled. At temperature gradient 100 K, the TEG module can obtain the biggest load power 2.39 W corresponding the module with A/H = 5.5 and load resistance 1.5 Ω.


Low temperature waste heat Thermoelectric generator modules Area and height ratio Load power 



This work was supported by the Guangdong Leizig Thermoelectric Technologies Co., Ltd.


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