Bioadhesives and Biosealants

  • Yoshihiro ItoEmail author


Recently, in addition to standard adhesives such as fibrin glue and cyanoacrylate derivatives, the processes of photo-polymerization and photo-crosslinkage have been developed for the preparation of bioadhesives and biosealants. Ultraviolet-, visible light-, or infrared-curable bioadhesives and biosealants are reviewed from the standpoint of synthetic and natural polymers in this chapter. The synthetic polymers include acrylate-, epoxy-, and thiol-ene-based polymers, whereas natural polymers are composed of proteins such as gelatin and albumin and polysaccharides such as hyaluronic acid, alginate, chitosan, and dextran.


Adhesive Sealant Photo-initiator Acrylate Epoxy Thiol-ene Protein Polysaccharide 


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