An Overview of Phase Diagram and Thermodynamic Parameters of Pt–Au–Sn System

  • Jieqiong Hu
  • Ming XieEmail author
  • Song Chen
  • Aikun Li
  • Saibei Wang
  • Yongtai Chen
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


Rare and precious metals materials with unique physical and chemical properties are widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation, electronic, electric, petroleum chemical industry, glass fiber, waste gas purification, metallurgical and other industries, which are known as “the vitamin of modern industry”. In this article, the development and application of Pt–Au–Sn system, the binary and ternary alloy phase diagrams in the Pt–Au–Sn system, and the related thermodynamic parameters, including phase structure and formation enthalpy of alloy, the cohesive energy and the Gibbs free energy of Pt–Au–Sn system were reviewed, at the same time, the further research interests and the experimental verification of phase diagram of Pt–Au–Sn system were also discussed, which could provide necessary theoretical support for the alloy composition design and industrial applications in the future.


Pt–Au–Sn system Phase diagram Thermodynamic parameters Phase structure 



This work was financially supported by the Nature Science Foundation of China (U1602275, U1602271, U1302272, 51267007, 51461023, 51507075); Institutes Special Technology Development Project of Yunnan (2013DC016); Fund of the Collaborative Innovation Center of Rare and Precious Metals Advanced Materials (2014XT02). Finally, we also wish to thank referee for useful suggestions and comments.


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