Different Interfaces of Primary Transition and Eutectic Transition

  • Junfeng XuEmail author
  • Dandan Fan
  • Bo Dang
  • Zengyun Jian
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Solidification interfaces of the primary phase transition and eutectic transition for Ni–B alloy were investigated by high-speed video techniques. With increasing undercooling, the interface morphology for primary phase transition changes from single tip to multi-tip and to smooth plane, while for eutectic transition, it changes from multi-dendrite to single dendrite. The interface moving velocity of primary solidification is about a constant, but it is not the case for eutectic transition. This difference indicates that the primary phase transition is controlled by far-distance diffusion mechanism while the eutectic transition is controlled by short-distance diffusion mechanism. The different controlling mechanisms imply that under a similar undercooling, the velocity of an eutectic transition is much higher than that of a primary transition.


Undercooling Solidification interface Eutectic 



The authors are grateful for the Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 51401156 and 51671151) and the Science and Technology Program of Shaanxi Province (No. 2016KJXX-87).


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