Luminescent Lanthanide-Mixed Coordination Polymers for Tunable Temperature-Sensitivity

  • Yuichi Hirai
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The control of energy transfer efficiency in lanthanide [Ln(III)]-mixed coordination polymers is reported. The coordination polymers [Tb,Eu(hfa)3(dpbp)] n are composed of Tb(III) ions, Eu(III) ions, hfa ligands, and bidentate phosphine oxide ligands [dpbp: 4,4′-bis(diphenylphosphoryl)biphenyl]. The emission colors were controlled by varying the mixture ratio of Tb(III) and Eu(III) ions (Tb/Eu = 1–1000). The obtained compounds were characterized by XRD, emission spectra, and emission lifetime measurements. Temperature-dependent emission color change from green, yellow, orange, to red was observed, and spectroscopic features were discussed on the basis of energy transfer efficiency in the solid state.


Lanthanide Coordination polymer Temperature sensitivity Thermal stability 


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