Erratum to: The Philosophy of Ch’eng I

  • Yung-ch’un Ts’aiEmail author
Part of the China Academic Library book series (CHINALIBR)

Erratum to: Y. Ts’ai, The Philosophy of Ch’eng I, China Academic Library,

In the original version of the book, the following corrections have to be updated:

City name of author “Yung-ch’un Ts’ai” has to be changed from “Jilin” to “Fujian” throughout.

In copyright page, “China Mainland” has to be changed to “the mainland of China” in the co-publisher text so that it should read as follows: “The print edition is not for sale in the mainland of China. Customers from the mainland of China please order the print book from: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Publishing Co., Ltd.”

The erratum book has been updated with the changes.

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