Scientific Findings on Graft Chains

  • Kyoichi SaitoEmail author
  • Kunio Fujiwara
  • Takanobu Sugo


A graft chain immobilized onto a trunk polymer by radiation-induced graft polymerization has a free end and an immobile end. Depending on the formation site, the graft chain is divided into a polymer brush extending from the surface of the trunk polymer and a polymer root entering the matrix of the trunk polymer. The graft chain will extend or shrink depending on the density of the charged group of the graft chain and the ionic strength of the liquid surrounding the graft chain. An extended polymer brush captures proteins in multilayers via multipoints. When a graft chain is immobilized over a porous membrane, the permeability of the liquid through the porous membrane reflects the static and dynamic behavior of the graft chain. Also, the graft-chain phase diffusion of metal ions and proteins occurs, driven by the gradient of the number of ions and proteins bound by the graft chain.


Polymer brush Polymer root Multilayering of protein Graft-chain phase diffusion 


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