Quadratic Constraint with Data Losses

  • Anthony Tri Tran C.Email author
  • Quang Ha
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 148)


The quadratic constraints, APRC or QDC, presented in Chap.  2 are extended in this chapter for networked control systems (NCS) and applied to a partially decentralised model predictive control scheme for interconnected systems having multiple communication network topologies. The decentralised MPC approach has been employed in previous chapters. This chapter introduces the data from neighbouring subsystems to the quadratic constraint to improve the control performance. These information data are available via the communication channels among the subsystems. The intermittent data losses are also inclusive in the problem formulation in this chapter.


Quadratic Constraints Decentralized Model Predictive Control Scheme Networked Control Systems (NCS) Dem PC Loss Measurement Data 
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