Quadratic Constraint for Semi-automatic Control

  • Anthony Tri Tran C.Email author
  • Quang Ha
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 148)


The quadratic constraint, APRC or QDC, is implemented separately from the control algorithm in this chapter instead of integrating with the MPC optimisation as in previous chapters. The real-time value of the supply rate is monitored by an independent entity, called stabilising agent, while the quadratic constraint is continuously checked online by the associated semi-automatic control system. The stabilising agent will override the control actions of the controller, or of the human operator, if the quadratic constraint is violated, thus confine the closed-loop system within the QDC ellipsoidal boundary—a stabilising region. The closed-loop system will be asymptotically attractive, or stabilisable in the GDC sense, as a result of these overriding actions online.

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