Tactics and Approaches for Sales Effectiveness

  • Bala Shankar


In this chapter, the distinction between features and benefits is explained along with tactics and routines for enabling an effective ‘benefit’ presentation approach and an empathetic posture with the customer. This chapter also discusses scenarios and tactics for sales teams to ‘mimic’ the customer viewpoints, including how to factor in ‘voice of the customer’ and pitch to the right person. The chapter suggests a framework for profiling the customer contacts, the virtue of ‘more contacts, more opportunities’, how to help customers sell internally, and delves into concepts like selling to the whole team and selling at all levels. Presentation of the solution, logically derived from the articulated problem, the rules for group visits and the concept of ‘orchestra conductor’ that is analogous to the account manager role are covered as are thorough introspection of what went right or what went wrong in a ‘lost’ transaction. Pricing as a more nuanced tool and related tactics and concepts (not negotiation skills) for ‘winning your price’.

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