Compendium Depiction on the Applications of Cloud Robotics for the Reclamation of Mankind

  • Rajesh Doriya
  • Kaushlendra SharmaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 38)


Cloud computing in the present time is considered to be one of the most pronounced, protruding, and emerging area of computer science. Cloud robotics basically means the robots with their heads in the cloud; the article streamlines the topic and tries to deliberate the area where cloud robotics is deployed and contributing a noteworthy part in flourishing the respective field like cloud medical robots, industrial robots, programmed robots, Google’s self-driving cars, application of heterogeneous robots in a wide geographical area. Counting all these, it inclines to conclude where more it can be diversified to enhance the interest of researchers to pick this technology and contribute a bit more for the betterment of mankind. Cloud robotics is one of the rapidly advancing research areas that allow application programs to deduce the computational time and storage into the cloud. Robots are restricted regarding computational limit, capacity, and memory. Furthermore, cloud gives boundless calculation control, memory, storage, and particularly coordinated effort opportunity. Cloud-empowered robots are distributed into two classes as independent robots and organized robots. The article efforts to accumulate some notable contribution of cloud robotics till date citing an in-depth discussion for the same.


Medical robots Industrial robots Programmed robots Cloud robotics 


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