Thermo-oxidative Decomposition Behavior of Polyamide 6 Nanocomposites with Structurally Different Clays

  • Indraneel Suhas Zope
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The primary focus of this chapter is to determine the influence of metal ions that are located at structural locations in clay lattice on the thermo-oxidative decomposition of PA6. For this purpose, different naturally occurring clays belonging to the same expandable smectite family and individually rich in specific metal ions (of interest) were chosen. They are MMT, Hec, and Nnt rich in octahedral Al3+, Mg2+, and Fe3+, respectively. As before, comparative and thorough condensed and gas phase analysis at different size scales is carried out. Even here in the case of structural ions, it is established that each clay displays different effect on decomposition of PA6 which in turn depends on principle metal ion present in their octahedral position.


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