Low-Cost Spark-/Arc-Free Retrofit Smart Grid Switches Improve Distribution Quality and Reduce Distribution Losses Substantially

  • G. V. Sukumara
  • Vijay L. Sonavane
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 487)


Smart power solution is the need of the hour for efficient power Distribution. Though abundant solar energy is being tapped, the absence of economical storage device has become a bottleneck to meet the peak power demand from 6 to 10 AM and 6 to 10 PM when solar energy cannot generate any power. In this situation, real-time control of power distribution has become necessary. Low-cost spark-/arc-free retrofit smart grid switches will be an efficient tool to implement this. These switches not only help for efficient grid management but also improve quality of power distribution and reduce distribution losses substantially. In urban and semi-urban power distribution due to continuous unbalance, the neutral current and losses are very high. Low-cost spark-/arc-free make before break transposing switches will reduce neutral current and the losses substantially. Many states have segregated the agricultural load. The probability of all the loads connected will be high when energized. The line gets loaded, and the voltage drops to as low as 300 V at the tail end. This not only increases losses but also results in burning of motors. Low-cost spark-/arc-free switches and time-based zone method of power distribution will not only reduce the distribution losses but also help to maintain voltage even at the tail end, reducing the probability of burning of motors due to low voltage.

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  1. 1.PrapatiChennaiIndia
  2. 2.Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory CommissionMSEDCLMumbaiIndia

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