Algorithms for Synchrophasor-Enabled Digital Relay in Differential Protection Schemes

  • Anurag S. D. RaiEmail author
  • Reeta Pawar
  • Durga Sharma
  • Shaurabh Sen
  • Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 34)


The synchronized phasor measurement system along with differential protection scheme becomes popular, which provides in-zone fault detection and mitigation by continuous monitoring. Point-to-point monitoring of electrical parameters using synchrophasor technique and inheriting the differential protection in digital relay improve the protection of system. Differential protection involves communication wires or communication band channels. With the improvement of GPS and communication technology day by day, measurement through PMU is also enhanced by enabling protection of transmission line and cables by synchrophasor-based digital relay. Algorithms that are step-by-step methodology need to develop solution here; in this chapter, algorithm for synchrophasor-enabled relay is discussed as for each operation different algorithms are required, so was here different algorithms, and there perception to digital protection was taken. The behavior of the measured phasor is between the 1 PPS point and the response. Non-steady-state (transient) conditions will vary with the algorithms used.


Synchrophasor Synchrophasor-enabled digital relay Off-nominal frequency operation of PMU Relay algorithms 


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  • Reeta Pawar
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  • Durga Sharma
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  • Shaurabh Sen
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