A Survey of Feature Extraction for Content-Based Image Retrieval System

  • Neha GhoshEmail author
  • Shikha Agrawal
  • Mahesh Motwani
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Content-based image retrieval system (CBIR) is a challenging domain which is used in various fields of research today, such as scientific research, medical, Internet, and other communication media. CBIR is an approach that allows a user to obtain an image depends on a query from large datasets holding a huge amount of images. Images play a big role in any of the media today, where communication and data transmission held using the specific formats of data. Thus, for making communication and information sharing via images, it is needful to perform its extraction and then further processing with information content. A survey has been done on various content-based image retrieval techniques which are derived by the various authors for the feature extraction of images and which are further used for classification.


Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) Feature extraction of image Image preprocessing 


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