Intelligent Decision Making Real-Time Automated System for Toll Payments

  • Aditya Vikram AgarwalEmail author
  • Navneet Verma
  • Sanjeev Kumar
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 34)


Automation is a major concern in the modern age with an increasing number of cases related to traffic jams, caused due to the lack of proper traffic management, contributing to various problems directly and indirectly. Internet of Things can potentially minimize this chaos. We can use sensors, along with some processing devices and algorithms, to minimize human efforts in regulating traffic and to definitively smoothen and fasten vehicle flow on roads. Tollbooths on highways can be automated with the help of Internet of Things and digital payment mode which will reduce, or even remove, the long toll payment queues for vehicles, can be introduced. We, in this paper, present an implementation of Internet of Things, using infrared light sensors, cameras, and image processing algorithms to develop such vehicle detection systems according to their types (heavy vehicles, small vehicles, and the like), in coherence with a database to automate tollbooth processing.


Internet of Things Genetic Algorithm Real-time systems Databases Image processing Automation Intelligent decision making Infrared light sensors 


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  • Navneet Verma
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  • Sanjeev Kumar
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