Analyzing and Preprocessing the Twitter Data for Opinion Mining

  • Neetu AnandEmail author
  • Dhruvi Goyal
  • Tapas Kumar
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 34)


With a rapid growth of the world of Internet, the social media is eventually growing and is playing a very major role in most of our lives. There are various social networking sites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook which provide a platform for the people to present themselves. Twitter is an efficient micro-blogging tool which has become very popular throughout the world. Nowadays, there is an ongoing trend of posting every thought and emotion of one’s life on these social networking sites. Due to this, emotion analysis has gained popularity in analyzing the thoughts, opinions, feelings, sentiments, etc., of various people. The present paper is based on the demonstration of a complete step-by-step process of analyzing emotions from tweets related to Budget 2017.


Twitter Data analysis Sentiments Social media Emotion analysis Budget 2017 


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