Multi-leveled Tridimensional Public Place and Urban Promenade

  • Jong-Jin Park
Part of the KAIST Research Series book series (KAISTRS)


The paper investigates the establishment and development of Place de l’Europe in Flon district, Lausanne. Triangular shape, divers levels and complex system of the public place are singular. Particularly, a mechanical device and its effect on the multilevel plaza is significant for urban dynamics. The main elevator of the plaza takes a main role to control divers tridimensional flows. New time-space experience with visual perception entitled “urban promenade” could be accomplished by the particular mechanical device. This study manifests new trend and potential value of dynamics by architectural machinery in contemporary urban place.


Mechanical device Multilevel plaza Tridimensional flows Urban promenade 


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  1. 1.Jongjin Park Architecture & UrbanismSeoulSouth Korea

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