The Rules of Judicial Proof

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Part of the Masterpieces of Contemporary Jurisprudents in China book series (MCJC)


In the summer of 1994, there were two successive car-jack murder cases of taxi drivers in the city of Chengde, Hebei Province. First, on the evening of 30th July, Liu Fujun was attacked in the city center. Second, on the night of 16th August, Zhang Ming was attacked in the suburbs. Both men were stabbed to death. In both cases, only a small amount of property was taken—a few hundred yuan (RMB), a pager, and so on—and the vehicles were abandoned at the scene. When searching for leads, the investigation team’s suspicion fell on four young people who lived in the countryside near the site of the second case. Local accounts identified the four as a gang of youths who were always up to no good. In October 1994, investigators searched the homes of Chen Guoqing and his three friends. An important piece of evidence was found in Chen’s home—a blood-stained knife. The investigators believed that Chen and the other three were guilty of theft and murder.


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