The Proof of Wrongful Convictions

  • Jiahong He
Part of the Masterpieces of Contemporary Jurisprudents in China book series (MCJC)


At around 5 pm on 5th August 1994, a woman by the surname of Kang, who worked at a hydraulic parts factory in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, was raped and murdered in a cornfield by the side of a road in the outskirts of the city. Based on tips from the public, police identified Nie Shubin as a suspect, and obtained a confession to the crime. On 15th March 1995, the Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court found the defendant Nie Shubin guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced him to death. They also found him guilty of rape and sentenced him to fifteen years in prison for that crime, with the primary evidence being his confession. On 25th April the High Provincial People’s Court of Hebei released its final verdict approving the death sentence and two days later Nie Shubin was executed.


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