• Mellita Jones
  • Karen McLean


This introduction to the volume Personalising Learning in Teacher Education provides some insight into the personal learning journey that the authors have been travelling since their commencement as teacher educators and how this has brought them to the writing of this book. The framing for the book is also discussed, including the understanding of the key concept teacher education; a term that is loosely applied to both initial and on-going learning about teaching and how to teach. How this term is understood and applied throughout the book is explained in this introductory chapter. Related to this, a second complexity discussed and interpreted in this chapter is what is encompassed by the title’s promise to explore personalising learning in teacher education. We highlight how this term encompasses, for us at least, the need to understand the learning and teaching of school students, teachers, pre-service teachers and teacher educators alike. Finally, the structure of the book is outlined with a brief summary provided of each of its two constituent parts and their concomitant chapters.


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