Sandwich Assays Based on QCM, SPR, Microcantilever, and SERS Techniques for Nucleic Acid Detection

  • Xiaoxia Hu
  • Quan YuanEmail author


Signal transducers which can read the signal toward targets are widely used for nucleic acid assay. Typically, the signal transducers based on quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor, microcantilever, and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) play a significant role in the development of techniques for the detection of nucleic acid. The combination of these techniques with sandwich assay has received extensive attention due to the advantages of sensitivity and specificity. In this chapter, we summarized the recent development of the nucleic acid sandwich assay based on QCM, SPR sensor, microcantilever, and SERS. Additionally, the advantages and disadvantages of these sandwich assays along with the challenges and prospects are also presented, devoting to guide researches to design more of robust sandwich assays for nucleic acid assay.


Sandwich assay Nucleic acid Detection Quartz crystal microbalance Surface plasmon resonance Microcantilever Surface-enhanced Raman scattering 


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