Electrochemical Sandwich Assays for Nucleic Acid Detection

  • Meihua Lin
  • Xiaolei ZuoEmail author


Quantitative determination of nucleic acids related to human health and safety has attracted a great interest. Electrochemical sandwich-type biosensor with simple operation and low price shows high sensitivity and specificity with dual recognition mechanism and has been widely used for nucleic acid detection. In this chapter, we highlight the advancements of electrochemical sandwich assay for nucleic acids in recent decade. We first introduced the importance of nucleic acid detection and the principles of design an electrochemical nucleic acid sandwich assay and then summarized the advancements of this strategy based on the types of reporter tags, including redox molecules, enzymes, and nanoparticles. Finally, we discussed the challenges in the development of electrochemical nucleic acid sandwich assay to apply for clinical diagnostics, in cells and in vivo.


Sandwich electrochemical biosensor Nucleic acid detection Label-free strategy Redox label Enzyme amplification Nanoparticle application Engineering interface 


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