Electrochemical Sandwich Assays for Protein Detection

  • Hui LiEmail author
  • Shaoguang Li
  • Fan Xia


Rapid, sensitive, and selective detection of proteins biomarker plays a very important role in early diagnostics of diseases and global health. Toward this goal, numerous researchers have devoted great efforts to develop a variety of approaches for protein detections, among which electrochemical sandwich assay appears as a very promising one because their signaling mechanism between redox-active tags and electrode renders this approach to be highly sensitive and selective, rapid, miniaturizable, and cost-effective. As such, this electron communicating signal can be readily amplified by employing enzymatic catalyst reaction, metal nanoparticles, carbon-based nanomaterials, and many other strategies, in support to further improve the sensitivity of this sensing platform.


Electrochemical biosensor Sandwich assay Protein detection Electrochemical aptasensor Signal amplification 


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