Biosensors Based on Supersandwich Assays

  • Xiaojin ZhangEmail author
  • Fan Xia


Only one signal probe is usually bound to the target in traditional sandwich assays, which limits the detection sensitivity. To overcome this limitation, supersandwich assays amplifying the signal through integration of multiple signal probes together have been developed in recent years. In this chapter, we highlight biosensors based on supersandwich assays for the detection of proteins, nucleic acids, small molecules, ions, and cells by a series of efforts reported in the past decade. The detection technologies employed in design of biosensors based on supersandwich assays contain electrochemical assay, electrochemiluminescence assay, fluorescence assay, and surface plasmon resonance assay.


Supersandwich assays Multiple signal probes Electrochemical assay Electrochemiluminescence assay Fluorescence assay Surface plasmon resonance assay 


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