A Case Study in a Chinese High School



The development of students’ thinking, and in particular their critical thinking, has been strongly recommended by many scholars and educators (e.g., Avargil et al. 2012; Aizikovitsh-Udi and Amit 2011; Behar-Horenstein and Niu 2011; Popil 2011; Nagappan 2001; Swartz and Parks 1994). Thinking skills were included as learning goals in educational policy in England in 1999 (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 1999), in Hong Kong in 2000 (Education Commission 2000), in Malaysia in 2003 (Abdullah et al. 2003) and in China in 2003 (Ministry of Education 2003). However, in China there are inconsistencies between the requirements of the curriculum and the actual situation. The intention of the study described in this chapter was thus to find a means to apply this aspect of the curriculum in actual teaching practice.

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