Understanding Magneto-convection on Solar Surface with Hinode Satellite Observation

  • Yusuke Iida
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 449)


The Hinode satellite observations revealed that solar surface magneto-convection is more active than previously expected. Hinode helped enhance our knowledge of small-scale structures with its high temporal and spatial resolution data. In particular, the granular element structure of the magnetic field was observed, and the related phenomena have been widely investigated in the past decade since its launch. In this paper, we examine the observational results of such small-scale magneto-convection fields using the Hinode satellite data and propose future tasks in the following 10 years.


Sun: photosphere Sun: surface magnetism Sun: convection 



I am grateful to all the editors who helped write this article. Moreover, I appropriate everyone involved in the development and operation of the Hinode satellite for providing the best analytical data so far and for the future.


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