China’s Unique Development Path

  • Angang Hu
  • Yilong Yan
  • Xiao Tang


“Zhou is an old country state, but its mission is reform” (Text comes from the Book of Songs·Elegance·King Wen). Chinese civilization is an ancient civilization with a long history; however, it also represents the rebirth of a new civilization (Webb wrote that, “a great nation will not change or become old because of the heavy burden of a brilliant history of thousands of years. As long as a nation has the ability and courage to maintain confidence in itself, and to retain its great instinct that it has possessed all along, the nation can be young forever”. Webb: Weber Political Writings, translated by Yan Kewen, p. 23, The Oriental Press, 2009). The Chinese nation is a historical giant, and has always been a giant in the world no matter whether she is standing tall or lying down, or whether she is prosperous or in decline (Song Jian: Spreading Science & Technology into People, Science & Technology Daily, February 3, 1990). The Chinese people have a great dream, which is to live a happier and more wonderful life. The People’s Republic of China has a great goal, which is socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics. The CPC shoulders a great historical mission, which is to realize the “Chinese dream” of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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