Security Development

  • Angang Hu
  • Yilong Yan
  • Xiao Tang


China’s core development idea is to promote all-round human development. The term “human” is used in a broad sense, and not only refers to China’s population of billions, but also to each “individual”. Security development is an important aspect of China’s core idea. For China’s billions of citizens, national security and development security are China’s greatest public welfare products. For each individual, security needs come second in the hierarchy of needs, and include personal safety, health security, and family security, which are indispensable basic needs. Without security, there would be no social stability, personal happiness, national prosperity, and peace. Security is like the fresh air people breathe every moment of the day; however, it is not provided free-of-charge by nature like air, but is instead provided by the CPC and the people’s government.

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