Survey on the Image Segmentation Algorithms

  • Yang Peng ZhuEmail author
  • Peng Li
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Image segmentation techniques are always difficult and are the key point of image processing. Currently, many image segmentation algorithms are springing up, but there are no universal methods. Firstly, this paper analyses basic theory and advantages and disadvantages of traditional methods in the field of image segmentation, including threshold methods, edge detection methods, and region segmentation methods. Secondly, based on the evolution of traditional methods and new methods, which include the gene method, the research status of image segmentation algorithms in recent years is combined systematically and commented. Finally, the development trends and the difficulty of image segmentation are pointed out and, importantly, one new idea which is of significance is put forward.


Image segmentation Threshold methods Edge detection Region segmentation Machine learning 



Thanks for support from Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi province [ Key technique research on petroleum steel pipes welt automatic detection based on DR images (2016GY-106) ], social science foundation of Shaanxi province [Strategy research on information construction of Shaanxi province oil and gas resource enterprises (15JZ047)] and key laboratory research plan of Shaanxi province department  [Research on oil and gas resource enterprises information construction in big data time (2015R026)].


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