Jet Diffusion Control Using Plasma Actuators

Influence of Plasma-Induced Flow Instability on Jet Diffusion
  • Norimasa MiyagiEmail author
  • Motoaki Kimura
Conference paper
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The present study investigated the jet diffusion mechanism using a coaxial dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator. A coaxial plasma actuator was installed at a nozzle exit to promote mixing, and a hotwire sensor was used to measure the jet velocity fluctuations downstream of the nozzle exit. It was found that the jet velocity near the nozzle exit exhibited three different fluctuation modes depending on the duty cycle of the plasma actuation. Modifications to the flow structure and the corresponding mechanism under different actuation conditions are described in this paper.


Jet Mixing Plasma actuator Flow control 


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  1. 1.Junior College of Nihon UniversityFunabashi City, ChibaJapan
  2. 2.Department of Mechanical EngineeringCollege of Science and Technology, Nihon UniversityChiyodaJapan

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