Small RNAs in Rice: Molecular Species and Their Functions

  • Yutaka Sato
  • Misuzu Nosaka-Takahashi
  • Toshiya Suzuki
  • Sae Shimizu-Sato


Small RNAs are major components of gene regulatory pathways conserved among eukaryotes. In basic and applied sciences, RNA interference (RNAi) and artificial microRNAs (amiRNAs) are often used to modulate gene expression. The molecular mechanisms of RNAi are mainly studied in nematode or insect cells as models. Functional analyses of endogenous small RNAs, including studies of rice as a model, have greatly contributed to our understanding of plant biology. In plants, small RNA-based gene regulation has unique characteristics not found in animals, and many small RNAs regulate biological phenomena specific to plants. Recently, small RNA profiling using next-generation sequencers became possible, and various small RNA species were identified in plants including rice; their functional analyses are underway. This chapter summarizes the components of small RNA pathways, the molecular species of small RNAs, and the unique function of small RNAs in rice. It also considers the functions of small RNAs in relation to agriculturally important traits.


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