Study on I&C Safety Classification Method of Nuclear Power Plant

  • Tao FuEmail author
  • Xiang-Jie He
  • Long-Qiang Zhang
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According to IAEA SSR 2/1, the instrumentation and control (I&C) systems which are important to safety, should be first identified and then classified on the basis of their function and significance with regard to safety in the design process of nuclear power plant. A clear logical safety classification method is very important to complete items classification. At present, there is no uniform requirement for the specific classification method. In this paper, a set of I&C safety classification method for nuclear power plants is studied from the perspective of safety function design, distribution, realization process and accident analysis and safety classification relationship, and the function classification process, the system classification process and the equipment classification process are described.


I&C safety classification Function design Accident analysis 


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