Tianwan Nuclear Power Station Phase I is the first nuclear power station that adopts full digital instrumentation and control system in China. Due to the fact that there is no reference station in the complete sense for the original design, most of the design is actually new. This leads to plenty of exploration and study in terms of how the Man Machine Interface satisfies most effectively the requirements of human factors engineering. To certain extent, it affirms the utilization of digital I&C system, and proves the effectiveness of MMI, as the two units of Phase I have achieved good operation performance, economic benefits since commercial operation. So Phase II based on the successful construction and good practice of Phase I, implements the strategy of ‘Copy plus Improvements’. I&C System still adopts full digital I&C system. MMI is basically the same, and assimilating the experiences in aspects of design, commissioning and operation of Phase I. This essay introduces the general structure of computerized MMI in Phase I, studies and summaries the principles of display design, discourses how to realize these principles during engineering. Through aforementioned studies, this essay analyzes the display design advantages and disadvantages of Phase I, introduces some implemented measures in Phase II.


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